Our Values
My staff and I are committed to providing our patients with the finest care we are capable of in an environment that is relaxed and comfortable. We want our patients to have optimal oral health and we work hard at facilitating communication both to and from our patients for that purpose.

Below is the mission generated from the minds of our dental team. This mission will continue to change as we continue to grow and change.

Our Purpose Is

To provide a health centered practice with the ability to help people achieve the highest level of well being personally appropriate for them.
To have as patients those people that demonstrate their appreciation for optimum health through their commitment to be an active partner in their oral health.
To accomplish this with the highest degree of care, skill, and judgement that we can provide, thus enhancing the quality of their lives and our own.
To have a caring team that will strive for excellence in both our personal and professional life.
To create a professional environment and caring atmosphere conducive to the above for our patients and their family

How We Achieve Our Mission

We will listen when you have a concern about anything related to your oral health or our practice. We do detailed initial examinations along with an interview with Dr. Hall. We want to know what’s been done in your mouth and what your current concerns are. We will explain what is going on in your mouth as we examine you.  Lastly, if you have more than just a few dental needs then Dr. Hall will sit down with you in our consultation room to give you options and plan your treatment.

We strive to make every visit not only dentally successful and comfortable but fun! We enjoy what we do and we love our patients. Why shouldn’t it be fun?

We want you to love your dentistry as much as we do. We will not finalize any work in your mouth without you saying it looks and feels good.

We work hard to keep you maintaining your teeth at home. Yes, we offer cleanings and gum services, however, we only do a small part to keep your mouth healthy. Excellent home care is critical for good oral health. Dr. Hall and his hygienists are absolutely committed to motivating and instructing our patients on how to keep their mouth in optimal health.

We strive for excellence in our dental procedures. We regularly attend continuing education courses so we can do beautiful and functional dentistry that will last. We also continually reevaluate how we do dentistry at regular staff meetings.
"Excellent care at home is the key to a healthy mouth!" 
Atlanta CEREC
At our office, you'll almost never have to wait for a crown. Using advanced CEREC® technology, we can have what used to be "lab-work" done while you are in the chair. This saves our patients a significant amount of time.