Our Treatment Options

Full Restorative Care

This includes tooth-colored fillings and porcelain crowns and bridges, which while being esthetic, are conservative and limit tooth reduction. Full gold crowns and onlays, can be placed on back teeth as well. Our practice does not currently place amalgam or “metal” fillings.


Pain-Free Dentistry

With the introduction of the innovative Solea Laser, many patients are able to experience painless dentistry when having fillings done. If we determine you are a good fit for the Solea Laser, it is an anesthesia and needle free experience!


Atraumatic Extractions

We use the latest technology to offer atraumatic extractions for our patients. We also offer bone preservation in order to keep your bone full and healthy if you need to place implants in the future.


Root Canal Treatment

If you are having tooth pain and we determine you need a root canal treatment, we follow the most rigorous guidelines to offer you the highest success rates for your root canal treatments.


Cosmetic Care

We offer a wide range of options including teeth whitening, bonding, and porcelain veneers to correct discolored and/or damaged teeth. We also are able to modify your gums in order to obtain longer teeth with an even gum line completely pain-free!



We restore areas of missing teeth with implant crowns which are made onsite with the CEREC® machine. We also coordinate with a local oral surgeon, who places implants depending on the situation.



We custom fabricate dentures and partial dentures.


Preventative Care

Our practice is totally committed to preventing teeth and gum disease in our patients’ mouths. We have hygienists to help you care for your teeth and make them last a lifetime. We offer limited non-surgical gum disease treatment, however, we refer severe cases to local well-trained periodontists. We also place sealants on teeth to prevent decay from ever starting.


Family Care

We offer limited pediatric services for our youngest patients such as cleanings, fillings and orthodontic evaluations and referrals. Sometimes we need to refer your child to a pedodontist, a child dentist, if they have extensive problems or behavior issues such as extreme anxiety.


TMJ or Jaw Joint Therapy

Many people suffer from pain in their jaw joint or surrounding muscles, which may cause headaches. We offer several evaluations and treatment options including full bite evaluations and adjustments and occlusal splints, which lessen the load on the jaw joint to help it heal and relax the muscles.

Our office is equipped with a CEREC machine, a groundbreaking device which allows patients to have much of their lab work completed in-house. In most practices, patients have to come in two or even three times to have crown or bridgework done since the dentist has to send mouth-work to a lab for completion. But here at our office, you can come in and get it all done in a single afternoon! This is a huge convenience for our patients.